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Container Management Systems – Evaluation Guide

Published April 12th, 2022. Container Management Systems Evaluation Guide provides an overview and critical characteristics for Container Management Systems solutions. Download this free Evaluation Guide now!

The Evaluator Group Evaluation Guide for Container Management Systems – General Considerations is part of a series of guides designed to help customers to assess technology alternatives.

Enterprises executives needing to operationalize adoption of cloud native container architecture must learn a new computing architecture.  Containers, Kubernetes and the associated open-source application, networking and security services surrounding them are all quite different from traditional physical and virtual infrastructures.

Evaluator Group suggests that executives new to this environment begin by reading the Evaluator Group briefs titled: “Containers and Kubernetes Fundamentals,, and “Next Generation Computing Architectures: Why Now,” and then review the value and options provided by Container Management Systems in “Introduction to Container Management Platforms”.

This background will prepare buyers to start the process of understanding and creating a checklist for evaluation of Container Management System alternatives.

All Evaluator Group guides are for IT professionals seeking a neutral, objective discussion of the design considerations behind new products, technologies, and trends. Evaluator Group Evaluation Guide series are not vendor-sponsored but are offered as part of a paid subscription. They are developed based on our review of technology options and strategic analysis of how they can best be used in today’s information systems environments.

Instead of ranking product offerings, an exercise that ignores the uniqueness of each IT environment, Evaluator Group provides a wide range of data points from which to base a detailed comparison, and evaluates product offerings against specific environments and use cases. With this information Evaluator Group recommends IT professionals review their requirements, starting with this guide and the associated materials available, and use our team of experts to help make selections.

These Guides, the Interactive Evaluscale Insight, and Solution Briefs, are designed to assist potential buyers in understanding the options and products available and to help match requirements to the available technology choices.  The decision criteria described in this Evaluation Guide are integrated into the Evaluscale Insights and individual vendor Solution Briefs.

Evaluation Guide Includes: 

  • Overview
  • What is a Container Management System?
  • An Evaluation Framwork
  • Pricing/Subscription/Business Model
  • Evaluator Group EvaluScale
  • Summary and Next Steps

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