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Lab Insight: Comparing Enterprise Server and Storage Networking Options

23-page test validation comparing enterprise server and storage networking options. IBM FC Environment to Cisco FCOE compared. Published June 16th, 2014. Download the free report now!

Data   center   design   and   architecture   remain   important   considerations   for   companies   of   all   size.  Optimizing  applications  to  achieve  the  greatest  performance  at  the  lowest  cost  is  a  goal  of  all companies.  With an increased number of technologies and alternatives, IT architects now have more options for optimizing their architectures.

Some of the technologies having the greatest impact include physical consolidation of computing, the consolidation of workloads using server virtualization and solid-­‐state flash storage systems.   Both the increased  CPU  cores  per  socket  and  Blade  systems  are  increasing  server  density,  driving  higher utilization of connections between elements and reducing the number of cables required for servers.

In order to provide real-­‐world results to enable IT professionals to make informed decisions,  Evaluator Group compared two alternative configurations.  A demanding set of applications was chosen to run in a virtualized environment using the VMware hypervisor on two competing platforms.  This test compared an  IBM  Flex  System  using  end-­‐to-­‐end  FC  connectivity  to  a  Cisco  UCS  with  FCoE  to  FC  storage connectivity.  In both instances, the same high-­‐speed IBM FlashSystem 840 solid-­‐state  storage  system was used as the storage target.

Comparing Enterprise Server and Storage Networking Option Insight Includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Evaluation Overview
  • Validation Objectives
  • Test Results
  • Evaluation Summary

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