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Lab Insight: CommVault Simpana 9

CommVault Simpana 9 Lab Insight published February 1st, 2012. Download the free report now!

Evaluator Group assessed CommVault’s Simpana 9 software in December 2011.  There were several areas of focus during the testing, which included qualitative factors, along with certain quantitative testing.

The test objectives were to 1) Validate new Simpana 9 software data protection and recovery scenarios for virtual environments, 2) Assess the capabilities of Simpana SnapProtect, 3) Test recovery options for backup admins, hypervisor admins and end users, and 4) Evaluate the restoration options, particularly for virtual servers.

The primary focus was to create data protection points for virtual systems, and restore data to those systems acting as a backup administrator, virtual server administrator and as an end user.  Other activities related to this focus were also evaluated.  The full features and capabilities of Simpana 9 were not evaluated, due to the numerous potential test and configuration scenarios required to test all of its features.

Virtual server testing included backing up data to multiple disk and tape targets, utilizing multiple methods including integration with storage system and hypervisor snapshot tools.  Restoration of protected data was similarly tested using a variety of hypervisor, array and backup application tools.


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