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Cohesity DataPlatform – Product Analysis

Last updated July 11th, 2019 for latest models. Covers highlights, hardware, software, performance and more. Download the full product analysis now!

Cohesity DataPlatform is a distributed, highly scalable storage system designed to function as a consolidation point for a variety of secondary data storage workloads and as an integrated backup and data management solution.  It has a clustered, scale-out architecture with each node providing storage capacity, processing power and networking connectivity to the system.

While a key use case for Cohesity is data protection (and therefore included in our Scale-Out Data Protection coverage), Cohesity’s market focus and product architecture from the beginning has been as a data management platform.  This Product Analysis is focused on the scale-out data protection capabilities of Cohesity DataPlatform with DataProtect solution and introduces some of the broader data management capabilities that Cohesity provides.

There are an increasing number of vendors marketing Integrated Data Protection appliances, besides Cohesity. Competitive solutions include Commvault HyperScale, Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud, Rubrik Cloud Data Management, StorageCraft OneXafe, among others. These products are included in the Evaluator Group Research Scale-Out Data Protection comparison matrix and associated Product Briefs, Analyses and Evaluation Guide.

Cohesity DataPlatform Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of System
  • Hardware Description
  • Software Architecture
  • Advanced Software Features and Functions
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
  • Performance
  • Evaluator Group Comments

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