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Catalogic ECX – Product Brief

This document is retired and is no longer updated. A concise 3-page overview of Catalogic ECX. Includes usage and deployment, overview and more. Download the full Product Brief now!

Note: On May 24, 2021, Catalogic announced its EXC business was sold to IBM. The ECX technology assets will be integrated as a part of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM Fusion moving forward. This Product Brief is intended as reference material for existing Catalogic ECX customers.

Catalogic Software was spun out of Syncsort in 2013 to focus on adding copy data management (CDM) to its data protection software. Its core product, Catalogic ECX, automates the creation, deletion and orchestration of copy data including clones, replicas and snapshots. ECX integrates with HPE Nimble arrays, IBM Spectrum-based storage systems, NetApp ONTAP arrays, and Pure Storage FlashArray. In addition to being sold by Catalogic, ECX is OEM’d as IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management. Catalogic ECX creates a centralized metadata catalog for copy data across core data center, edge data center and cloud environments. This catalog serves several functions including:

• Data search.
• Policy-driven data protection and governance (e.g. shifting
from test to production, deleting copies that are no longer
needed, and adhering to specific compliance requirements
and data protection service levels).
• Reporting purposes (e.g. understand opportunity for copy

ECX can simplify the creation, orchestration, and lifecycle management of copy data, and also reduce the number of copies that need to be created – saving the organization both money
and time. The product’s core differentiator compared to competing solutions such as Actifio, Cohesity and Rubrik is that in addition to allowing for replication of data to a secondary device, it also allows customers to leverage the copies such as snapshots that are created by the primary storage device. This “in place” approach eliminates impact to host performance and the need to introduce additional storage hardware. It can accelerate restore time because data does not need to be copied or moved over the network. The approach does require technical integration with the production storage system, which Catalogic works to achieve (e.g. by taking advantage of vendors’ APIs).

Catalogic ECX Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

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