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Azure Container Management Solutions – Product Brief

Last updated December 21th, 2022 for end of year updates. Concise 15-page overview of Azure Container Management Solutions. Includes overview, highlights, EvaluScale review and more. Download the full Product Brief now!

Customers considering the use of Microsoft Azure solutions to build out and manage a new Kubernetes architecture have much to consider. Microsoft Azure has a broad set of options for creating Kubernetes solutions. Whether the buyer is considering a container management platform to manage with his/her own staff, a container management service managed by Azure, on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, fast path to AI/ML or data analytics and/or leveraging containers at the edge, there is at least one solution (and often several) in the Azure suite. Determining the right solution can be a challenge. This guide will walk through the primary options, outlining the key issues and considerations. Like other cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure delivers its Kubernetes solutions while leveraging a number of proprietary operational capabilities from the Azure cloud to manage, secure and add value to Kubernetes orchestrated clusters based on hardened open-source code. This results in a solution which inherits Azure’s strengths in security, governance, and ease of use. It also means the offering is highly portable at the cluster layer, but less so from a management control plane and application perspective.

A deeper discussion of functionality follows, but, in general, Azure offers three distinct Kubernetes solutions which each have different values, and which can be packaged together. These solutions are:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a managed service for Kubernetes-orchestrated clusters running directly in the Azure cloud
  • Azure Arc, a managed service to provide unified cluster management and governance across on Kubernetes clusters deployed on-premises, across multi-cloud and edge
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI and Windows 2019 Datacenter, a software platform based on AKS (and maintained by Azure) which allows a customer to operate basic Kubernetes services provided by AKS on a standalone customer environment.

Azure Container Management Solutions Product Brief Includes: 

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

Download the full product brief now! 

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