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AWS Outposts and VMware – Industry Snapshot

Published December 6th, 2018. In this free Industry Snapshot report, Camberley Bates discusses an exciting new service from AWS, AWS Outpost. Download the free report now to learn about this exciting new service from AWS.

AWS Outposts and VMware: moving from off to on-premises

At RE:Invent 2018 this last month, AWS announced a flurry of services, one of the most interesting being AWS Outposts. Outposts is a fully managed, on-premises ITaaS intended to mirror the AWS experience and address applications that are latency sensitive or need to be on- premises due to compliance regulations. There are two flavors. One, AWS Outpost Native, is an all-AWS solution running a native EC2 instance. The other is VMware Cloud on AWS Outpost running essentially VMware’s SDDC stack, again as a managed on-premises service. As these integrated hardware/software systems will not ship until 2H 2019, no pricing or payment schema were cited, except that they will mirror the AWS pay-as-you-go model. No capital purchases, no asset transfers are required.

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