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Technical Insight: Application Archiving

This Technical Insight report explores the best practices for application archive. Also covered in the guide are the considerations, that may have different levels of importance based on the application and value of the data and the type of operation. Download the free report now!

Application Archiving or application retirement is a process typically used when there is a transition to a new application or an entirely new business process and the old application is no longer required.  This can be especially important as new Cloud Native Applications are developed to run in a private/hybrid or public cloud, replacing the existing application. Retiring the application saves the license or support charges and frees the capacity consumed on storage.  As part of retiring the application, the information associated with the application must be archived as well.  There is a set of associated information with the application and a set of practices around the process of archiving the application and the information that needs to be followed.

The processes or requirements may be different depending on the specific industry but the general actions for application archiving will be the same.  The important point is in understanding what typically must be done and follow the process to meet the business requirements

There are a number of steps for application archiving which are documented in the following sections.  Additional items to be accomplished may be due to particular business or industry requirements or certain preferences by business owners.  The guide here should serve as the starting point and be covered in their entirety before additional elements are added to the process.

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