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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP – Industry Snapshot

Published September 2nd, 2021. In this free Industry Snapshot report, Sr. Analyst John Webster discusses the release of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Read the full report now!

AWS Introduces Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

On September 2, 2021, as part of the AWS Storage Day event, AWS announced the availability of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. This new AWS FSx file storage service will deliver the complete functionality of NetApp ONTAP delivered as a fully managed public cloud storage service. Initially, the new service will be available in 21 AWS regions.

Prior to the announcement, AWS FSx offered two file services: Windows File Server and Lustre file storage services. FSx for Windows File Server is a fully managed, native Windows file system that offers low-cost Windows file storage in the cloud, while FSx for Lustre offers high performance, highly scalable shared storage for compute intensive applications. FSx for NetApp ONTAP joins FSx for Windows and FSx for Lustre by providing a fully managed service built on NetApp ONTAP, offering ONTAP’s features, performance, and APIs for a broad range of applications running in the cloud. As such, it expands AWS’ addressable market for AWS-native file storage and NetApp’s market for storage on AWS, delivering an FSx file storage service that enterprise IT can quickly operationalize across AWS regions worldwide.

Current users of NetApp Cloud Volumes Service (CVS). NetApp’s marketplace offering on AWS, will be migrated to FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO)will continue to be offered via the AWS marketplace for users wanting self-managed ONTAP cloud storage.

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