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By Randy Kerns, Tuesday, March 4th 2014

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The term storage virtualization has been with us since 1999, and the concept continues with new product offerings that are variations of the original.

The longevity of storage virtualization in a high tech world where new ideas gain a foothold rapidly is a testament to the value that storage virtualization delivers. But there are many descriptions for storage virtualization based on the variety of products and the desire of vendor marketing to distinguish their products. A quick review of what is encompassed by the general phrase “storage virtualization” might be useful to characterize these offerings and the context in which they are typically used.

First, let’s look at the descriptions of virtualization:

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Randy_Kerns_3Randy Kerns contributes regularly to the TechTarget blog,Storage Soup and is a member of TechTarget’s Editorial Speaker Bureau.  Randy Kerns teaches classes on storage technology regularly in the United States and Europe.

Randy Kerns brings expertise that ranges from virtualization everywhere to very long term archive. He draws from over 35 years in the computer industry helping storage companies design and develop storage system products for their markets as well as advising technical professionals on how to build the best storage infrastructures to streamline their business processes.

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