Test, Performance & IOmark

Benchmark and Lab Testing

Evaluator Group conducts benchmarks and lab testing  at customer sites and on-site at our lab in Colorado.  These tests span benchmarks with market standards tools for performance measurement and usability testing.  In this coverage we publish advisory papers on performance and lab testing results, including IOmark-VM and IOmark-VDI. View more information about our testing services.

Lead Analysts: Russ Fellows

Latest Test, Performance & IOmark Research


Camberley Bates
Managing Director & Analyst
Go-to-market strategies, channels and sales models
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Russ Fellows
Senior Partner & Analyst
Lab Director, Testing, Benchmarks, IOmark
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Randy Kerns
Senior Strategist & Analyst
Lead Strategist, TCO, All things storage
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Eric Slack
Senior Analyst
HCI and Integrated; Software Defined
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Frederic Van Haren
Senior Consultant
HPC / AI in the Enterprise; Scale out / High Performance
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John Webster
Senior Partner & Analyst
Hybrid Cloud / Big Data; Financial Acquisition Options
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Jack Igoe
Analyst in Residence
Archive and Management
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