New Research Covering Compute as a Service

Cloud computing has become an essential element of modern business, especially as many companies are moving to remote working solutions.  Evaluator Group research shows an increase spend on cloud resources in 2020 and expects many IT organizations will consider Compute as a Service (CaaS) solutions. This is because of its cloud-like consumption-based pricing, automated infrastructure management and greater flexibility than traditional on-premise infrastructures.

Due to increased interest and adoption among enterprises, Evaluator Group released a series of deliverables designed to help IT professionals evaluating Compute as a service (CaaS) offerings.

The initial release of research includes side-by-side technical and business criteria requirements, the EvaluScale Comparison Matrix and Product Briefs. The solutions currently covered in this new research are:

The Product Briefs and the EvaluScale Comparison Matrix are available via a premium subscription beginning at $1,000 for IT professionals. Contact us below to learn more about premium subscriptions.

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