Both NetApp and other on premises storage users get “fully managed,” full featured ONTAP file storage delivered as a native AWS service in the largest worldwide cloud footprint available. Scalability will not be an issue. Compatibility with other AWS services will not be an issue either. AWS will do the capacity planning, availability support and maintenance updates. AWS will also implement automated tiering for cost efficiency. And because AWS supports the common industry standard access protocols, FSx for NetApp ONTAP can be used for multiple use cases including migration or extension of workloads to AWS, disaster recovery and business continuity, digital transformation projects, and worldwide distribution of applications and digital content.

The introduction of an ONTAP-based file storage service now means that AWS developers, research scientists and application administrators are able to leverage ONTAP’s data management features without needing to learn how to stand up and manage ONTAP systems. It also opens opportunities for users beyond the traditional storage administration persona. Cloud natives, application owners and research scientists can now deploy data to FSx for NetApp ONTAP and consume high performance storage with a rich set of data services without needing to know how to deploy, manage and upgrade the storage.

In the past I have lauded NetApp for being the most advanced enterprise cloud storage vendor, noting its cloud-forward strategy and product introductions. The availability of AWS FSx for NetApp ONTAP pushes that strategy another major step forward.