Company Overview

Evaluator Group is an IT analyst firm dedicated to delivering unbiased in-depth information on Information Management and data storage.  We review products and architectures with the perspective of how they impact application delivery such as databases, virtualization, VDI and Data Analytics.

Our goal: To help IT professionals and vendors create and implement strategies that enable them to maximize the value and efficiency they get from their storage.

What do we do? We work closely with enterprises (end-users) that are purchasing information management and data storage technologies and empower their decisions with the most in-depth product analysis in the industry.  We also work with storage vendors  assisting them to understand trends in the industry. They rely on our research and competitive insight, and count on our independence and technical depth.

How are we different? Our analysts are among the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry. We are solely focused on information management, storage technologies and how they impact the critical applications in IT, so we provide deeper and more detailed information than any of our competitors.

What is the basis of our expertise?  The core of our expertise comes from hands-on experience in the industry. Our analysts have been integrally involved in engineering data centers, creating new storage products, creating systems architectures and understanding dynamics of the purchasing process.  This first-hand experience fuels our trend analysis, product investigation, and strategy work.

What products do we offer? Very broadly, we offer research, consultation, and education. The categories of research include the following: Product Analysis, Product Briefs, Comparison Matrices, Whitepapers, Education Guides, and Workbooks.  We hold an Advanced Storage Education classes twice a  year in the US and Europe. Plus we  offer individual consultations and independent education.

What technologies do we cover? SAN Storage, NAS Storage, Solid State Storage, Storage Virtualization, Virtualization, Data Analytics, Archive, Object Storage, Data Protection, and Management Software.

What vendors do we cover ?  We cover all the major and secondary data storage providers, plus key upcoming vendors in new technology areas such as Object Storage and Solid State.  Checkout the Research page on Technology and Vendors for a full listing.