VDI-IOMARK Announces New Publicly Available VDI Storage Performance Results for Astute Networks ViSX G3 Flash VM Storage Appliance

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

VDI-IOmark – Delivering Real VDI Workload Measurement and Cost of Ownership for VDI

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 2, 2012. VDI-IOmark announces the latest public benchmark results with Astute Networks for their ViSX G3 Flash-based VM Storage appliance.

Recognizing data storage is a major success component for VDI deployments and that there has been no standard method to validate storage performance for VDI, the VDI-IOmark organization developed the VDI storage performance benchmark as a means of providing reliable price and performance data for storage systems.

Astute’s ViSX G3 system achieved a price of $76.50 per user when running a standard user profile with VDI-IOmark.  “These results are an important demonstration of storage systems price-performance for VDI workloads,” said Russ Fellows, Senior Partner of Evaluator Group.  “The Astute ViSX storage system has the best price-performance levels that we have tested to date.  VDI-IOmark’s certified results may be used to design and implement VDI deployments with predictable price and performance levels.”

The VDI-IOmark storage benchmark provides actual VDI user workloads along with certified test results and price / performance results.  Unlike simulations using publicly available tools to simulate VDI workloads, VDI-IOmark delivers actual VDI workloads, along with acceptance criteria.

“Performance and price-performance, as measured by dollars per VDI user, are critical considerations when assessing VDI storage solutions” said Len Rosenthal, senior vice president, Marketing, Astute Networks. “VDI-IOmark tests real workloads, providing reliable cost performance data for users.  The benchmark offers clarity in evaluating storage solutions for VDI, providing accurate price per user under real world VDI environments.

The established VDI-IOmark benchmark criteria for VDI workloads are as follows.

For steady-state workloads:

  • 80% of response times for I/O’s must not exceed 50ms
  • All storage must reside on the storage system under test
  • The value reported corresponds directly to actual users

Other reporting criteria include:

  • Storage system configuration and tested environment must be reported
  • All storage for measured VDI users must reside on the storage system tested
  • Total list price for storage system tested must be reported

More information about VDI-IOmark and Astute Networks ViSX G3 results are available at the VDI-IOmark website or from Astute Networks, respectively.  VDI-IOmark is available via license to end users, vendors and test labs.  IT users may obtain a no cost 30-day evaluation of VDI-IOmark for internal evaluations.

About VDI-IOmark

VDI-IOmark is an organization dedicated to helping IT professionals and vendors effectively measure and compare storage system performance while running VDI workloads. VDI-IOmark was created in 2011 in order to assist IT users with accurately comparing storage performance. Storage system performance results are published, and more information about the organization is available at

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