Understanding Your Options for Multi- and Hybrid-Cloud Data Management

Tuesday, May 26th 2020

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According to the Evaluator Group, there’s considerable diversity in how companies can approach the problem.

“Perhaps equally as diverse is the landscape of vendors rallying around addressing multi-cloud data management requirements,” the company wrote in a recent report. “To date, this charge has largely been led by backup and data protection vendors that have identified an opportunity to leverage their metadata catalog for the enterprise’s information assets to extend into additional use cases.”

In its MultiCloud Data Management study, Evaluator Group found that 54% of respondents noted using backup storage system/cloud services for multi-cloud data management (tying archiving solutions as the most popular), and 48% reported using backup software.

It’s not surprising that backup and recovery software vendors may be leading the way in serving customers multi-cloud data management needs. After all, backup is one of the core elements of a data management strategy. But it’s not the only element. Security is a big part of data management, as well as compliance, governance, archiving, and data visibility…

“Multi-cloud data management implementations typically are a collection of products, often from multiple vendors,” the Evaluator Group says. “It is advisable for IT departments to first inventory their existing technology assets, and from there make decisions regarding required additional required purchases. A range of vendors – and most notably data protection vendors – are making investments in these areas, bringing enhanced capabilities such as improved data migration and visibility to bear.”

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