Top 2020 data backup tips target remote protection, cloud

Wednesday, January 13th 2021

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As Evaluator Group analyst Krista Macomber wrote in her tip on improving remote backup and recovery, while some changes were temporary to help businesses deal with near-term emergency response, “others will be permanent and have lasting implications on enterprise IT.” One key permanent change is, simply put, more data protection.

For example, employees may be doing work on personal computers — and those devices need backup. According to an Evaluator Group study, many businesses said they were underprepared for the jump to a remote workforce. Hopefully, those businesses have improved their IT infrastructure and are ready for anything now.

Secure your backups

One potential business-saving data backup tip is to make sure you have solid protection against ransomware. Through emails that allegedly claim to have information about COVID-19, phishers hope to install ransomware or other malicious software following a user click.

In her tip on protecting backups, Macomber emphasized the importance of immutability — that is, data that an attacker cannot erase or change. Other security measures such as encryption and air-gapping are key data backup tips as well. In addition, test your backups to ensure you can recover from them in the event of an incident.

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