The Futurum Group: CORRECTING and REPLACING The Futurum Group Pioneers With Generative AI, Introduces World’s First ‘AI Analyst’ in B2B Space

Thursday, May 25th 2023

The Futurum Group, the world’s fastest growing high-tech research-led demand generation firm, has announced their debut into Generative AI, named ‘Futurum.AI’.

“With the rapid onset of generative AI, information services like high tech industry research are going to change at an exponential rate,” according to The Futurum Group CEO Daniel Newman. “Futurum.AI is designed to enable our clients to have ready access to insights, research, intelligence, and demand generation capabilities with the responsiveness and easy, conversational access that AI can provide.”

Futurum.AI will include cutting-edge AI-powered interactive tools that leverage continuously trained generative AI transformer models and the data of tens of thousands of Futurum research reports, articles, digital and social media, podcasts, television appearances, market intelligence, and public custom content. Planned Futurum.AI services include Futurum.AI-Advisory, Futurum.AI-Analytics, and Futurum.AI-Demand.

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