IT Requirements change for Data Protection, Capacity Requirements and Life Span of Systems with the Adoption of Solid State Arrays

Tuesday, April 17th 2018

New report from Evaluator Group shows IT reaping considerable benefits from the Solid State Storage Adoption

April 17, 2018: Boulder Colorado.  With increased use of solid state storage in enterprises, IT is gaining considerable value from adoption of All Solid State systems.  Evaluator Group’s new report on “Solid State Adoption in the Enterprise” looked at the impact of these systems on IT, from purchase patterns to processes and procedures and on to technology changes.  The study demonstrated Solid State Systems adoption goes beyond improvements in performance to impacts on other areas.

“For the most part, IT has gotten beyond using the cost per GB as a measurement for purchase,” said Camberley Bates, managing partner Evaluator Group.  This study helps amplify the need to look at total impact and total cost of ownership of Solid State Systems.  It emphasizes why we see All Flash Arrays becoming the dominant solution in IT.”

Evaluator Group’s new research study was created by conducting an incisive survey and in-depth interviews with administrators and architects who have adopted solid state storage in enterprise environments.

The study uncovered many customer discoveries during the deployment and use of solid state storage, which are of interest in understanding other values gained and opportunities identified.  Discoveries covered a number of areas:

  • Capacity reduction was achieved for most workloads as expected with data reduction but another reduction came from no longer needing to sparsely distribute data.
  • Reliability improvements and the increased lifespan of flash devices presented opportunities for economic gain through retaining storage devices (and the data on them) longer.
  • The opportunity to improve data protection was present due to the increased performance enabled with solid state.

“For enterprise IT managers and administrators, this report provides a window into the successes and plans of peer groups.  We hope this enables organizations to look differently at the impact of Solid State,” said Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist, Evaluator Group.

 The report covers the details of these discoveries and more, including reporting from IT organizations. Purchase of the report includes inquiry time with the analyst, Randy Kerns.

For more information, a free study overview and full Table of Contents, click here.


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