Randy Kerns was quoted: Scality hardens Artesca in 2.0, deepens Veeam connections

Tuesday, May 16th 2023

Randy Kerns was quoted for his thoughts on Aresca 2.0, the latest update for Scality’s object storage service.

Artesca 2.0, which goes live at the end of May, will integrate multifactor authentication for login, S3 object locking and a customized version of Linux meant to reduce possible hacking vectors.

Such security improvements make Artesca more enterprise compliant, according to Randy Kerns, senior strategist at Futurum Group.

“All those things are highly valuable for security,” Kerns said. “Artesca is going to be more adaptable.”

In addition, integrations with Veeam and VMware target what Kerns considers popular enterprise standards for data protection.

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