TechTarget: Randy Kerns comments on Enmotus FuzeDrive Server

Friday, December 19th 2014

Randy Kerns was quoted in Garry Kranz’s 12/18 SearchSolidStateStorage article, “Enmotus FuzeDrive revives caching vs tiering debate.”

“Randy Kerns, a senior strategist at research firm Evaluator Group, said FuzeDrive Server could be attractive to systems builders that want to accelerate hardware performance.”
‘With caching, you work off probabilities, but it means you wind up paying for having data in two locations at the same time. Tiering lets you be more pragmatic by looking at usage over time and the likelihood of that data being referenced more frequently than other data,’ Kerns said.
“Enmotus’ driver software automates tiered storage at a ‘small level of granularity, down to the page level. They’re doing it in the server environment rather than outboard in the storage systems for spinning disk and SSDs, which is unique,’ Kerns added.”

Read the full article here.

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