Panzura debuts managed cloud migration service for CloudFS

Friday, December 17th 2021

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The new service eases a significant burden for enterprise customers and makes Panzura a more attractive option for customers migrating petabytes of data into the cloud, said Dave Raffo, a senior analyst at Evaluator Group.

“This is their way of saying they’ll take care of migration,” Raffo said. “The more data you have, the better the candidate you are for this.”

Other cloud file storage services similarly offer migration services at varying levels of support. Nasuni offers a managed service with migration assistance contractors, while Ctera offers a mostly self-service migration tool.

These cloud storage vendors are duplicating many services on-premises storage vendors have offered for years.

“Massive data migrations have always been a popular service offering,” Raffo said.

Vendors providing migration services place themselves in direct competition with third-party migration products, such as Datadobi’s DobiMigrate, Raffo added.

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