Kubernetes data protection heavy on automation, integration

Thursday, October 27th 2022

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Third parties, simplicity crucial for data protection

Krista Macomber, an analyst at Evaluator Group, pointed to an October research report from her firm that shows more than half of about 300 responding businesses use Kubernetes in production. While Kubernetes applications are designed for resiliency, capabilities built in for backup and operational recovery are often lacking, Macomber said. That’s why organizations need third-party Kubernetes data protection.

“It’s very important with ransomware and all of the other cyberattacks that organizations are facing today. They’re not leaving these applications exposed, especially as they’re beginning to move into production,” Macomber said.

Kasten, CloudCasa, Portworx by Pure Storage and Trilio are among the top vendors focused on Kubernetes data protection and management, Macomber said. However, she noted that more traditional vendors, such as Dell and Veritas, have started to build in protection for Kubernetes workloads.

Simplicity is important for data protection in Kubernetes environments, which can get complicated and complex.

“This is a big pain point we at Evaluator Group have experienced when using open-source tools for Kubernetes data protection — that third-party tools can address,” Macomber said.

Recent Evaluator Group research showed an uptick in protection of Kubernetes workloads, with 74% of organizations implementing some form of it. However, less than half of the organizations that reported they protect Kubernetes are doing it with a third-party product, Macomber said.

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