Krista Macomber was quoted: SIOS looks to boost SAP HANA automated replication

Thursday, March 30th 2023

Krista Macomber was quoted for her thoughts on SIOS looking to boost SAP HANA recovery services with automated replication.

Standard data backup and disaster recovery factor in varying amounts of downtime as services are restored at another location, which can result in some extended outages, according to Krista Macomber, an analyst at Evaluator Group. High availability, however, demands more technology resources since a separate third data copy needs to be replicated simultaneously to another location alongside the primary and backup data stores through clustering.

Those quick recovery requirements and replication demands mean only pivotal databases are given the status. This means that enterprises typically must be selective in choosing the applications they implement high availability for, Macomber said.

“IT staff simply don’t have the budget or — especially these days — the time,” she said. “Another big challenge is that many implementations use a shared SAN to keep the backup and replica data copies up to date. This means, potentially, a single point of failure.”

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