Krista Macomber was quoted: CloudCasa brings GUI to open source backup tool Velero

Thursday, April 13th 2023

Krista Macomber was quoted for her thoughts on CloudCasa’s new SaaS offering.

DevOps teams, the primary users of open source tools such as Velero, are willing to work with command line interfaces and other tools requiring manual intervention to manage backups, according to Krista Macomber, an analyst at Evaluator Group. This changes, however, when IT ops teams become involved in backing up workloads at scale or outside smaller test environments.

“There’s a little less hesitation to the DIY approach due to [DevOps] background and history,” Macomber said. “These users are not afraid of scripting. But [what if] that scales to hundreds or thousands of nodes [and clusters]? Once you start to go beyond a certain number of clusters, that’s when these tasks become extremely time consuming.”

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