Kubernetes, first released as an open-source technology in July 2015, has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration and is widely utilized as a building block in public cloud services. Recently, digital transformation has driven the adoption of Kubernetes as an operating environment beyond public clouds and into commercial enterprises.

To better understand the increased adoption of Kubernetes by Enterprise IT Operations, Evaluator Group surveyed 300 enterprise customers and today released a free Research Study covering the key findings.

Evaluator Group research shows that Kubernetes is in production at over 50% of surveyed enterprise IT users, with 60% of respondents running more than five applications. The majority of those surveyed are adopting Kubernetes to support a strategic move to cloud-native application development.

“While we have seen studies that highlight upwards of 90% of Kubernetes adoption – our question was what is actually in full production and deployed from the Enterprise IT perspective and how does this impact operations in the multi-variant environment of VM’s, mainframes and cloud applications,” said Camberley Bates, Managing Partner, Evaluator Group. “Our client engagements have exposed the challenges ITOps is facing and the survey research gives insight into how and where they are investing.”

The survey showed the top challenges to adoption faced by enterprise IT were talent and staffing. As container infrastructure topology becomes more complex, standardizing container management addresses some talent and governance issues, but standardizing is not an easy path with on premises and multi-cloud demands creating complications.

“We will see increased investment in multi-cluster management, a must for any scaled-out Kubernetes environment. With 72% of the ITOps expecting more than 6 clusters in this next year, and talent being stretched, this becomes a baseline requirement for deployments,” said Janae Stow-Lee, Contributing Analyst, Evaluator Group.

Evaluator Group’s new research study was created by conducting an incisive survey and in-depth interviews with IT professionals from North American and European enterprise-level companies. Interview respondents represented differing responsibility levels, from executive to operational administrator, and were distributed across most of the industries surveyed.

For more information and to download this free Research Study, click here.

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