IT Enterprises Grow Investment in Public Cloud Storage by Over 20% in the Next Two Years

Thursday, September 6th 2018

New research from Evaluator Group examines the progression and use of Hybrid Cloud Storage and how the Enterprise is leveraging technology on and off-premises.

BOULDER, Colo. (PRWEB) September 05, 2018 — Just as storage is foundational to on-site computing, the same is true for public cloud computing. Thus, in the second year of detailed reporting on Hybrid Cloud, Evaluator Group breaks down the data aspect into eight use cases for Hybrid Cloud storage architectures. The Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise Research Study examines the adoption and progression of Enterprise IT organizations as they expand their use both on and off-premises.

“The research makes it clear, off-premises data storage is growing at the rate of 20-30% over the next two years, depending on the use case,” stated Camberley Bates, Managing Director and Analyst at Evaluator Group. “However, 47% of IT personnel remained uncertain with regard to where the greater percentage of storage spending will fall over the long run-data center or public cloud. As they embrace public cloud, they continue to experience barriers to adoption such as network bandwidth and interoperability.”

“When we queried on costs, we found public cloud storage cost more for 6 out of the 8 use cases,” said John Webster, Senior Analyst, Evaluator Group. “But we also found IT End User perspectives to cost fell into two camps. Either they believed ‘cloud storage costs more, but it’s worth it’ or ‘cloud storage actually costs less,’ with only one of the interviewees holding an opposing view.’

The Evaluator Group Research Study shows while public cloud storage requires its own expertise, the fundamentals still apply. IT uses Public Cloud advanced data services such as snapshots, replication, encryption and other services at varying degrees depending on the use case. This brings opportunity for IT Architects to be advisors and managers of public cloud environments as well as for systems vendors seeking to provide the tools and expertise to effectively implement the workloads on and off-premises. Other top level findings included:

1. AWS is the dominant provider, though when broken down by use case, the CSP varies
2. Disaster Recovery is the leading use case for the Enterprise, though the second use case varies widely by enterprise
3. The bulk of the storage spending remains on-premises, though users are clearly uncertain where that will stand by 2020
4. Increasingly formal cloud teams make decisions on cloud data storage, while only 20% of the time is Central IT involved with the decisions.

Through survey and detailed interviews, Evaluator Group breaks down the top eight use cases detailing adoption, expenditures, barriers, implementation options, use of data services, decision making, Public Cloud provider preferences and other decision elements. The Study covers the top use cases which were previously identified in the 2017 study and confirmed in 2018. These include:

– Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity – Data Protection
– Data Archive
– Tier 1 Applications
– Content Sharing and Distribution
– Test and Development
– Analytics
– Application Mobility

The Evaluator Group “Hybrid Cloud Storage for the Enterprise Research Study” paints a picture of these eight use cases in the 80+ page report with over 80 figures. Further details are available in the report data sheet which is available as a free download here. The report is available at a purchase price of $9,500 and at a discount to our premium subscribers.

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