Google’s Actifio acquisition adds cloud DR, copy management

Tuesday, December 15th 2020

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Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Group, also said that acquiring versus developing will speed Google’s time to market.

“It’s early to say, but I think that Google Cloud can use Actifio to better support hybrid on-premises and public cloud environments, and to better support competitors’ cloud environments, with data protection, management and mobility,” Macomber wrote in an email. “Actifio does well when it comes to supporting complex enterprise apps like large databases with multiple interdependencies, so it’s possible that the integration of Actifio’s platform can also be used to better support these apps on Google Cloud.”

Macomber also noted Actifio’s strengths in copy data management, multi-cloud and database cloning.

In addition, Actifio has a near instantaneous block-to-object conversion technology that could be difficult for Google to build, according to John Webster, senior partner at Evaluator Group.

Google is taking a different approach to the enterprise than AWS, one of its chief rivals. While AWS is focusing on business innovators and positioning itself above the technology, Google is trying to appeal more to enterprise IT and will likely reposition to meet its own customer needs, Eastwood said.

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