Evaluator Group Testing Confirms Industry-Leading Performance and Value of Quantum’s DXi6700 Deduplication Systems

Thursday, December 15th 2011

Price-Performance Beats All Competing Systems in the Category

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2011 – Quantum Corp. (NYSE:QTM), a proven global expert in data protection and big data management, today announced the results of an evaluation of its DXi6700 deduplication appliances by industry analyst firm Evaluator Group, based on hands-on tests across common use cases. The evaluation confirmed that the DXi6700 provides a price-performance advantage over all competitors in the midrange – surpassing the closest systems in speed at nearly half the published price – and that it leads in the areas of ease of use, scalability, and management. Evaluator Group’s testing also validated the benefits of Quantum’s
DXi Accent™ software, showing that its hybrid-mode operation improves bandwidth utilization and minimizes network delays or bottlenecks for both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) use cases.

DXi6700 Delivers Superior Midrange Deduplication Performance

Evaluator Group found that the DXi6700:

  • Delivers industry-leading backup performance in the midrange under a variety of real world scenarios across multiple protocols (CIFS, NFS, VTL and OST), independent of the number of drives in the system and even with its minimum, 8 terabyte (TB) capacity models – in fact, it is the highest performing data deduplication system in its class that Evaluator Group has evaluated to date.
  • Exceeds the performance level of 5.8 TB/hr listed in Quantum’s product specifications under a variety of real-world scenarios.
  • Provides an overall data protection architecture that can store large amounts of backup data quickly, replicate a copy offsite in a minimal amount of time, and directly create removable media under backup software control.


DXi Accent for LAN Backup and Remote Sites

Evaluator Group tested Quantum’s DXi Accent software with the DXi6700, using it to distribute deduplication between a backup media server and the DXi® appliance. The evaluation included conditions encountered across both LAN and WAN environments, testing DXi Accent’s effect on transmitting data in bandwidth-constrained environments. Evaluator Group found that with the addition of DXi Accent’s industry-unique features, Quantum now offers one of the most flexible and cost-effective solutions for data protection across central and remote offices. The lab validation also concluded that DXi Accent:

  • Improves performance where network delays or bottlenecks exist, and can be used simultaneously with other protocols and applications.
  • Provides high value even when operating with latencies characteristic of WAN operation; observed performance proves backup of remote servers to a central site DXi appliance
    is practical.


Best-in-Class Reporting, Management and Ease of Use

Evaluator Group’s hands-on evaluation of the DXi6700 included setup, configuration, normal operations, troubleshooting and status report generation. The study concluded that:

  • All of the interfaces and management tools are intuitive and easy to use, providing advantages over competitive approaches.
  • The DXi Advanced Reporting tool is the most effective, functional and easy-to-use performance analysis tool the firm has tested.
  • The Advanced Reporting tool is one of the most useful features of the DXi-Series,
    finding and diagnosing bottlenecks while assessing system capacity, load and network connection throughput.
  • Quantum Vision™, an optional multi-system management tool, provides enhanced integration and expanded capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting and analyzing operations in enterprise settings, including remote access via iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Flexible Protection for Virtual Environments

Evaluator Group tested vmPRO™ software on the DXi6700 and determined that the combination offers a complete virtual data protection solution. Other findings include:

  • Quantum’s ability to back up and deduplicate both virtual and physical systems simultaneously with the same infrastructure provides flexibility and simplicity while reducing overall costs.
  • The combination of DXi6700 and vmPRO can optimize a guest backup target while simultaneously supporting other backup applications.

Supporting Quotes

  • Russell Fellows, senior partner, Evaluator Group: “The DXi6701 and DXi6702 systems were found to easily surpass Quantum’s performance specifications during evaluation, and
    DXi Accent’s distributed deduplication added significant gains when networks constrained backups. As a result, the DXi6700 delivered industry-leading performance in this market segment under real-world scenarios. Overall, Quantum’s ease of use, combined with excellent price-performance and additional features such as DXi Advanced Reporting,
    DXi Accent and Path-to-Tape make the DXi6700 line a leader.”
  • Rob Clark, senior vice president, Disk and Tape Data Protection Group, Quantum: “The DXi6700 continues to prove itself in the global marketplace, and Evaluator Group’s testing adds to a growing body of validation showing superior functionality, performance and value for the DXi6700 family, as well as DXi Accent. The Evaluator Group findings also reinforce what customers have been seeing – the DXi6700 offers the industry’s best return on investment without compromising ease of use or manageability.”

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