Evaluator Group Releases the First Comprehensive Industry Study on Multi-Cloud Data Management

Tuesday, January 21st 2020

Findings indicate 40% of enterprises are doing some form of multi-cloud data management, and over half expect new and reallocated budget to fulfill the business needs.

Today’s IT environment is hybrid and multi-cloud, spanning multiple public clouds, edge devices and the data centers. As a result, data is scattered across many locations, risking data loss, security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and higher costs. As a result, a well-executed multi-cloud data management strategy has become necessary for business continuance, data protection, proper data governance, and cost optimization.

Evaluator Group’s new “Trends in Multi-Cloud Data Management” study found that how more than two-thirds of enterprises are implementing or developing strategies to tackle the new hybrid multi-cloud reality.

“Multi-cloud is becoming the norm as enterprises look to work with multiple providers for business continuity and pricing leverage,” said Krista Macomber, Evaluator Group Senior Analyst and author of the study. “This means that applications and their data need to be portable across varying public cloud environments, and also be interoperable with on-premises private clouds. In fact, application mobility was one of the top three drivers for multi-cloud data management.”

Evaluator Group’s study brings to light how enterprises are addressing the range of technology requirements associated with multi-cloud data management, including archive, compliance, data availability, data protection, storage optimization, and visibility. It also explores the business objectives and evaluation criteria for success that are driving multi-cloud data management initiatives. The study found that enterprises expect to use multiple products to address their needs, as no single tool or product available on the market today comprehensively addresses the scope of multi-cloud data management. As one client stated:

“Yes, we understand that we will need to use multiple vendors. Nobody has the holy grail of doing everything we need, because we have different requirements from different lines of business. We are focusing on putting buckets around what are the dire functions versus the nice to haves. Does this tool give us those dire priority things that we need?”

As multi-cloud data management is making its way into strategic planning conversations, “Trends in Multi-Cloud Data Management” is designed to provide peer feedback and technology utilization trends that can help IT professionals navigate this complex and developing technology discipline. For vendors, the study provides insight into customer requirements and purchasing processes.

“The landscape for multi-cloud data management technologies is at its infancy. Though most enterprises expect to leverage current tools in place, they also know they lack what they need to fully meet the needs of the business. As such, we expect enterprises to create strategies using current and new products over the next two to three years,” stated Camberley Bates, Managing Director, Evaluator Group.

Evaluator Group’s study includes an incisive survey and a number of in-depth, follow-up interviews. Participants were IT professionals that represented a range of responsibility levels, from senior vice president to operational administrator, and industries, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, retail, public sector, entertainment and media, manufacturing, and education.

For more information and to download this free abbreviated report (website registration required), click here. The 45-page report may be purchased by enterprise IT end users for $2,500, and by IT vendors for $6,000. The report is also available via premium subscription which includes product reviews and consulting services.

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