Evaluator Group Launches Eval(u)Scale Data Storage Product Evaluation Methodology and Releases 2017 Product Comparison Matrices

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Evaluator Group Eval(u)ScaleTM grades products based on critical criteria within each technology segment. 

Boulder, CO – In the rapidly innovating market of information management and data storage, it is extremely difficult for IT professionals to keep up with the latest products and cutting-edge features. Researching vendor offerings can be time consuming and error prone. Evaluator Group maintains up-to-date comparison matrices and, once a year, conducts a major review of all storage products to add new relevant functionality and assure all data is accurate. Product Comparison Matrices offer a side-by- side analysis in PDF and interactive format.

In response to IT Client requests, Evaluator Group today released Eval(u)Scale, a product evaluation methodology. Each product is reviewed within a specific technology area and rated “Exceeds Criteria”, “Meets Criteria” or “Area for Development” for each Evaluation criterion. Evaluation criteria are developed through IT-client engagements and an understanding of system usage. The definitions of the criteria and explanations of how products are reviewed can be found in the Evaluator Series Evaluation Guides, which are reflected in the Eval(u)Scale published in over 250 individual Product Briefs. The Eval(u)Scale for each product is determined through in-depth review and analysis attained from vendor interviews, reviews of user / administration guides, hands-on testing and/or client engagements.

Combining these offerings, Evaluator Group empowers IT Enterprises with validated data;; thus reducing risk, saving time, and helping users accurately judge which solution should be evaluated for their unique environment. Evaluator Group is now offering all Evaluation Guides free of charge. Product Comparison Matrices and Product Briefs are available to purchase or through paid subscription.

Users are able to see an example of a Comparison Matrix, Product Brief and Evaluation Guide by registering to the Evaluator Group website.

As an independent IT analyst firm, Evaluator Group is not paid or reimbursed by vendors for inclusion of products or promotion.

“Evaluating a solution for its fit to a specified environment is not easy. There are many variables that go into the selection process,” said Camberley Bates, Managing Partner, Evaluator Group. “This methodology enables customers to begin that process by selecting the criteria critical to their success and hone in on those products that can meet their needs as a short list for RFP.”

The 2017 Comparison Matrices and Evaluation Guides include the following technologies:

-SAN High End, Midrange, and Entry Level
-NAS High End, Midrange, and Entry Level
-Object Storage
-Open Storage Platform (Software Defined Solutions)
-Hyperconverged (HCI)
-Archive Software
-Management Software-Storage Virtualization
-Disk to Disk, VTL, Deduplication (2017 versions available later in Q1)


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