Enterprise storage market to focus on data use in 2018 – SearchStorage

Tuesday, February 6th 2018

Published on with a quote from Randy Kerns. Read the full article here.


Randy Kerns, senior strategist and analyst, Evaluator Group: Vendors like Rubrik and Cohesity offer scale-out data protection, but you’ll probably see other large, more well-known vendors with offerings coming out this year. Those scale-out data protection systems really are scale-out NAS systems. You’re putting the software effectively on each node that can serve as what we would have thought of previously as a media server or a data mover function. That gives you a high degree of parallelism, where you can scale capacity and the data movement functions in parallel. There will be an opportunity to address some big customer concerns that, as capacity grows, they can’t afford the capacity-based licensing they’re charged from some of the backup software. But it is a different approach, with different software running for the most part. It is a heavy lift for many customers already invested in their current data protection environments. As more vendors enter this space, there will be more capabilities to merge with their current environment so it’ll be less of a disruption.

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