Dave Raffo was quoted: HPE brings multi-protocol Alletra storage to GreenLake

Thursday, April 27th 2023

Dave Raffo was quoted for this thoughts on HPE’s newest addition to its Alletra portfolio.

HPE has had different storage brands for different storage needs, including Primera, for high-end block storage; Nimble, for hybrid flash storage gained through acquisition in 2017; 3PAR, for all-flash storage; and Apollo, for its storage servers. HPE is making a shift to simplify its brand, according to Dave Raffo, an analyst at Futurum Group.

“Creating a single hardware platform simplifies the work HPE is trying to do, because it is going to be their underlying hardware for all storage,” Raffo said.

Alletra Storage MP will become HPE’s go-to appliance for file, block and — in the future — object, according to Raffo. He said it will also likely be used for data protection. Eventually, it will all be GreenLake storage. But MP gets the vendor closer to a unified storage approach with a single hardware platform.

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