Computational storage series: Evaluator Group – Speculations, expectations & extrapolations

Wednesday, May 26th 2021

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This post is written by Randy Kerns, senior analyst and strategist, Evaluator Group – an organisation that describes itself as committed to delivering unbiased, comprehensive research and information on information management, data storage, data protection and IT infrastructure solutions for modern datacentres.

Kerns writes as follows…

Jumping to conclusions over ‘the next big thing’ may be a natural reaction to new ideas. But, at the same time, it may be a disservice to the ongoing development required by setting expectations and timing that may lead to disappointment… it can also lead to a lessening of the long-term potential value resulting in us all too soon moving on to ‘the next, next big thing’ and perhaps even worse.

Such is the case with the advent of computational storage.

Enabled by the use of solid-state storage technology without the need to control servo positioning and rotational mechanics of spinning devices, the multi-core processor gives an opportunity to add value in some areas with great potential benefit. Reducing the data movement required by operating on data on the devices allows for greater computation to be done by the server processors and achieving possible scaling efficiencies with multiple devices operating in parallel are cited benefits that are apparent.

With that frame of reference, we should perhaps ask… what are the potential areas that can be addressed to provide benefit?

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