Cohesity launches Data Security Alliance for customers

Wednesday, November 16th 2022

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Randy Kerns, an analyst at Evaluator Group, said Cohesity’s Data Security Alliance and DataHawk SaaS offering focus on the bigger picture. With ransomware attacks coming at a company through different vectors, such as via email or through software updates where a weakness has been found, combining services in this way benefits the customer.

“This [alliance] is about putting these pieces together to integrate efforts to recover from different attacks,” Kerns said.

On the alliance, Kerns said it will help customers coordinate resources and help provide a faster response to attacks. He hopes to see more vendors become involved in this alliance as well as establish a central management and reporting system for attacks. He said that an alliance with this degree of cooperation is new.

“This will adopt different areas [of expertise] that will have [opportunities] to respond in a more centralized manner,” Kerns said.

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