Catalogic opens doors to CloudCasa Kubernetes backup

Thursday, November 12th 2020

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CloudCasa will be primarily aimed at developers and backup-as-a-service providers rather than backup and systems administrators. Krista Macomber, Senior analyst at Evaluator Group, said this is the right move as DevOps personnel are increasingly involved in IT decisions surrounding protecting container environments. Developers and systems administrators are both part of IT, but don’t always talk to each other. Macomber said CloudCasa can bridge the gap and fold container protection, which is increasingly the domain of developers, into the larger data protection framework within an organization. Ultimately, this hinges on a product that is simple enough to use for people who aren’t normally responsible for backup.

“The signs we’re seeing point to container protection largely continuing to reside with IT admins, but I think it’s still a little early to call. Either way, DevOps, lines of business and cloud decision-makers will still carry an influential role in driving the data protection requirements and strategy,” Macomber said.

Macomber added that Catalogic’s SaaS approach with CloudCasa makes the product more scalable and removes the need for the customer to set up backup infrastructure. This is a break from Catalogic’s norm, as the vendor has historically sold its software through storage hardware partners such as NetApp and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. While SaaS is new to Catalogic, Macomber was quick to point out there are other SaaS products for Kubernetes data protection, such as Druva.

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