Catalogic CloudCasa charges for Kubernetes backup storage

Monday, October 4th 2021

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Kubernetes applications are designed for high availability, but high availability focuses on application performance and not data protection, said Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Group. Snapshots are a method of data protection, but they aren’t substitutes for full backup copies stored geographically separated from production environments. These backups are required for data protection, migration and reuse, Macomber said.

“Customers absolutely should be thinking about backing up their Kubernetes persistent volumes,” Macomber said.

The Kubernetes data protection market is still nascent, Macomber said. Dedicated Kubernetes backup products from Trilio, Kasten and Portworx (the latter two were acquired by Veeam and Pure Storage, respectively) emerged before Catalogic entered the fray. Additionally, backup vendors such as Commvault and Druva have added Kubernetes protection to their products’ capabilities.

“It’s still too early to tell which vendors customers will prefer working with, and which approaches to data protection they will prefer,” Macomber said. “There is plenty of time for vendors to stake their ground.”

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