Backup vendors ready for AWS Outposts

Friday, September 25th 2020

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For some customers, AWS Outposts is the only way they can use AWS services for latency-sensitive use cases or for use cases in which certain applications or data must stay on-premises for compliance reasons. In these cases, protecting that data is crucial, because it’s all business-critical, said John Webster, senior partner and analyst at Evaluator Group. Retail stores at remote locations, healthcare organizations and financial institutions are examples Webster suggested in which AWS Outposts deployments might be used. In  those situations, transferring data to the AWS public cloud is not a viable option.

“Data protection becomes a critical aspect of Outposts, particularly so if the user begins to run production applications on Outposts. Because Outposts are based on AWS infrastructure and management, it is critical for third-party data protection vendors to be validated by AWS,” Webster said.

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