AWS adds anti-malware and PII visibility to storage

Wednesday, August 3rd 2022

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Neither addition is a substitute for a proper ransomware security posture, but they can harden enterprise data against attacks, said Krista Macomber, a senior analyst at Evaluator Group. This is especially important as the cloud giant has begun selling its own disaster recovery services and tools.

“Hardening is a good way to put it,” Macomber said. “It seems like a step forward for AWS to respond to the ransomware threat.”

AWS released its own disaster recovery service, AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, in December.

These new additions combined with disaster recovery, alongside a renewed focused on cheaper storage costs for backups and long-term storage services, are a value-add for potential customers, Macomber said. Hyperscaler backup services still have a long path of maturity ahead, however, before they’re likely to be adopted by more customers.

“For hyperscalers the backup opportunity is complimentary,” she said. “But there’s a long tail for data protection among our [clients]. We’ve seen administrators build careers around certain data protection solutions; that adds to the stickiness.”

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