Actifio’s Customer-Centric ‘Differentiated Approach’ Stood Out at Data Driven 2018, Says New Report from Evaluator Group

Thursday, September 6th 2018

Published on Business Insider with a quote from John Webster. Read the full article here.

“What was notable about this event that differentiated it from other vendor-sponsored events we’ve attended in the past was its customer- and partner-centric orientation,” Webster wrote in a July Evaluator Group Industry Snapshot, after attending Data Driven 2018. “All the keynotes, panels and technical sessions featured customers and partners. The message: An event for customers should be led by customers. The typical chest-thumping “we’re the greatest” spectacles weren’t on display . . . Rather, Data Driven was all about enterprise data management and Actifio use cases as seen from customers’ perspectives.”

Describing interviews he conducted with Actifio customers at the conference, Webster cited a large insurance provider for application development and testing, now generating database copies on demand, compared with the weeks-long process of the past. Webster noted an energy services firm that created a new revenue-generating cloud-based analytics service as a result of the Actifio platform. Webster’s report continued, “The event drove home the point that the Actifio engine is now being used in creative and perhaps unexpected ways by its imaginative users who see its core technology as a problem-solver and business enabler.”

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