5 hyper-converged infrastructure trends analysts predict for 2023

Wednesday, August 12th 2020

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“Edge computing is another strong use case for HCI,” said Eric Slack, HCI analyst at the Evaluator Group, a research and consulting firm based in Boulder, Colo. He noted growth will occur with the adoption of industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, connected workspaces and smart cites. “Video surveillance is also driving edge computing, and with the current protest climate in the U.S., we see that only accelerating,” Slack said.

The expansion of edge computing, meanwhile, will contribute to hyper-converged infrastructure trends and product development.

“We’re also seeing HCI vendors come out with smaller and ruggedized models for these use cases,” Slack said.

Not everyone is sold on hyper-converged technology at the edge, however, particularly when deployments call for numerous nodes. HCI will become costly if organizations need to put compute in a thousand different places, Harris noted. In those situations, customers will gravitate toward compute platforms specifically designed for the edge, he added.

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