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Webinar: Tackling the Monster – Standardizing Management of Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Containers (June 8th, 2022)

June 8, 2022 11:00 am to June 8, 2022 11:00 am

Containers have exploded like popcorn across your company’s developer and user communities, creating islands of Kubernetes automation in the hybrid and multi-cloud landscape. Managing this situation is becoming near impossible – it has introduced a flood of new security and compliance challenges into an environment of already scarce platform engineering and SecOps talent. The only possible path to success is to create (and enforce) management, security, and compliance standards. There are a sea of choices. How will you approach the selection?

This session is geared towards ITOps and those responsible for selection and deployment of Container Management Platforms. We will introduce the top issues you will want to consider as you map out your plan for standardization and point you to added resources for helping with research and selection.

• Establishing control without losing productivity – is it possible?
• Container management: Service or Platform? What are the tradeoffs?
• Security and Flexibility: how can you integrate the developer innovation chain?
• Integrated container management or best-of-breed point solutions – what are the options?
• Legacy production – to integrate? Or cut ties to the past?
• Hybrid and Multi-cloud – are there solutions that cover it all?

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