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Object Storage Usage Executive Summary

This document summarizes the use cases of Object Storage.  Object storage is in its second generation of technology with implementations dealing with scale in the number and size of information elements that are increasingly challenging Information Technology operations, and are … Continued

Hadoop on Scality RING – Tech Insight Paper

In previous reports we have outlined the issues we believe enterprise IT administrators have with implementing Hadoop within production applications environments—issues that are slowing the pace of Hadoop adoption within enterprise IT. Overcoming the issues is a critical qualifier for Hadoop adoption in the enterprise where business users may come to depend on Hadoop-based application availability. In addition, they know that, at some point, they will have to fit Hadoop into their data governance policies and practices. This will happen if and when IT administrators feel comfortable standing behind Hadoop application availability and integrating it into existing management processes and IT infrastructure.

Solid State Storage Evaluation Guide

Solid State Storage systems are continuing to evolve with new memory technologies, continuous reduction in solid state memory costs, and more sophisticated implementations that exploit solid state technology. As they evolve, more value will be obtained from the systems. The ongoing evolution or changes mean that every purchase of solid state storage systems will require a new evaluation of the system and the competitive offerings. The Evaluator Group Evaluation Guide, Workbook and Comparison Matrix for Solid State Storage Systems will be very valuable in these evaluations.

Top 10 Important Information Strategy Considerations for 2014

This document discusses 10 ongoing challenges that IT will face in 2014. It is crucial that IT professionals address these 10 challenges in order to remain efficient and up-to-date in the marketplace. They also allow IT Departments to utilize their strategy as a competitive advantage.

Use Cases for the NetApp EF550 flash array

As a greater percentage of IT infrastructures get virtualized, there are more demands than ever on storage architectures to handle the performance of intensified random environments.  It has also driven the need for higher performing storage to handle the growing … Continued

IOmark Setup Guide – YouTube Series

Check out the IOmark_Suite YouTube Channel for step-by-step instructional videos on setting up IOmark on your own. In 15 short and easy steps, IOmark will be up and running on your servers.  Click HERE to navigate to the YouTube channel.

IOmark-VM DotHill Official Benchmark Report

This document is the official benchmark report for the tested configuration using DotHill’s AssuredSAN Pro 5000 storage system.  The result of the benchmark showed the AssuredSAN Pro 5000 supported 240 virtual machines at a cost of $509.42 per VM, meeting … Continued

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS VM) All Flash Solution

Technology Insight paper discussing HUS VM All Flash System Solution. Discusses economics, all-flash system considerations (including storage efficiency and data reduction features, business continuity and copy technology, auto tiering, flash optimized controller), what is new with HUS VM, The Hitachi Accelerated Flash and flash controller, customer value and more.

SAN Performance Concepts 101

Leah Schoeb reveals all the Storage Performance Concepts in our Storage Education Series. This is the first of a series on Storage Performance where she explores the performance in physical and virtual environments, and covers various ways that can help diminish storage system bottlenecks.

Dell Enterprise Forum 2013

Against a backdrop of continued uncertainty regarding founder Michael Dell’s proposal to Dell private via leveraged buyout (LBO), Dell hosted its Enterprise Forum recently in Santa Clara, CA for about 1,600 attendees that included customers, channel partners, analysts, and Dell … Continued

Planning a Storage Strategy – Table of Contents and 1st Chapter

Planning a Storage Strategy is really the first book of its type in providing the information necessary to develop and plan the implementation for meeting the company demands on storing and retrieving information. One of the most valuable company assets is data and having a strategy for meeting the business demands for handling data is a critical business process that requires understanding and investment.

Test Validation UCP Pro for VMware vSphere

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Test Validation UCP Pro for VMware vSphere Server virtualization has become a common part of today’s IT datacenters.  One of the major benefits of server virtualization is the ability to consolidate hundreds to thousands of virtualized … Continued

Best Practices: Optimizing Oracle on VMware vSphere 5.1

Virtualization has become widely accepted in today’s enterprise datacenter, from consolidating thousands of desktops to mission critical Tier 1 applications in server virtualization.  One rapidly growing area for server virtualization is running critical Oracle database applications on VMware® vSphere® virtual … Continued

Advancing Hadoop — MapR’s M7 Edition

The number of enterprise-level deployments of Hadoop MapReduce is rising quickly, driven by a need to understand and potentially adopt this new business analytics platform for business applications. We note that pilot Hadoop projects are underway within many of the … Continued

Evaluating Hadoop in the Data Center

Introduction: The demand for Big Data analytics processes by enterprise executives and business group leaders is growing at a rapid pace. However, the challenge to enterprise IT from the Big Data analytics perspective lies in capturing data from multiple new … Continued

The Business Impact of New Storage Architectures

In this Technical Insight Paper, Russ Fellows discusses the importance storage in protecting and processing business information. Introduction: Businesses of all sizes are searching for ways to improve their productivity and competitiveness, resulting in IT systems continuing to increase in … Continued

Storage for Virtualized Workloads

In this paper, Russ Fellows examines some of the features and design elements are important in order to deliver the efficiency and performance levels demanded by applications running in virtual environments.

Managing at Petabyte Scale

In this whitepaper, John Webster discusses storage data growth and the various ways that IT management can develop new and more sustainable practices and processes to adequately manage that data growth. Introduction: The cost of acquiring, managing and maintaining all … Continued

The Next Generation of VDI

In this whitepaper, Russ Fellows and John Webster discuss the emerging trends in VDI, as well as cover ways that VDI vendors are taken the first step towards the ideals of next generation VDI. Introduction: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has … Continued

Validation or Benchmarking

Leah Schoeb covers the differences between validation and performance benchmarks. Introduction Validation and performance testing often get confused with and performance benchmarking.  They are separate activities with very different goals and messaging support.  This document talks about what they are … Continued

HP StoreOnce B6200 Lab Validation

In this test analysis, Evaluator Group assesses HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup system; The evaluation focuses on several aspects with a particular focus on performance. The validation consisted of quantitative test efforts, which sought to characterize measurable attributes, along with a … Continued

IOmark-VDI BlueArc Test Report for Mercury 110

This report covers the results from the VDI-IOmark testing BlueArc’s Mercury 110. VDI-IOmark is a storage specific benchmark designed to test storage systems performance with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) type of workload, the report was audited for accuracy by … Continued

CommVault Simpana 9 Lab Validation

Evaluator Group assessed CommVault’s Simpana 9 software in December 2011.  There were several areas of focus during the testing, which included qualitative factors, along with certain quantitative testing. The test objectives were to 1) Validate new Simpana 9 software data … Continued

Quantum DXi6700 Lab Validation

Evaluator Group assessed Quantum’s DXi6700 data deduplication appliances in September 2011.  There were several areas of focus during the testing, which was both quantitative and qualitative. Testing results show the Quantum DXi6700 systems were able to attain peak performance quickly … Continued

Data Center Transformation

Russ Fellows discusses designing the data center of the future using current infrastructure and new technologies. Discussion includes cloud computing, data deduplication, virtualization and green strategies.