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Research for Vendor Clients

Evaluator Group is an IT analyst firm dedicated to delivering unbiased in-depth information on Information Management and data storage.  We review products and architectures with the perspective of how they impact application delivery such as databases, virtualization, VDI and Data Analytics.

Evaluator Series™ Research for Vendor Clients

Evaluator Group’s Premium ESR subscription provides vendors support for competitive analysis, straight-forward product analysis, and opportunities for strategic reviews.

Access to the research varies by subscription plan. Read the descriptions below to learn about each category and preview documents or explore the full research library by vendor, topic, and technology. For an overview of research included with Premium Subscriptions, read our general brochureA full list of products covered in our research library can be found here.

  • Industry and Technical InsightsDesigned for IT executives looking to understand critical trends and requirements for technology adoption. Sample: Storage System Generations
  • Industry Updates / Client Advisory Notes: Coverage of announcements from trade shows and summaries of major product releases. Sample: EMC July 8th Announcement Review
  • Benchmark Reports & Lab Insights: Written reports on testing and benchmarking of products. Results of IOmark-VM and VDI tests can be found here.