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NAS Comparison Matrix – Entry-Level

Full Summary:

Entry Level NAS Comparison Matrix

This NAS (Network Attached Storage) Entry Level Comparison Matrix compares the feature-function capability of major entry level NAS products. Additional information on most products in the matrix is available in Product Briefs or Product Analyses.

Vendors/Products included in Entry Level NAS Comparison Matrix:

  • Dell NX400/NX3000
  • EMC VNXe3200
  • Fujitsu DX100 S3/DX200 S3
  • HP StoreEasy 1430/1530/1630/1830
  • NetApp FAS2554/FAS2552/FAS2520
  • NetApp/IBM FAS2240-2-3/FAS2220/FAS2050, N3600/N3400/N3220-N3240



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