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IBM XIV Storage System – Product Brief

Full Summary:

The IBM XIV Storage System is an enterprise storage system targeted for usage in open systems environments as a block storage system with either SAN or direct attachment. The XIV is based on a grid of standard servers with storage directly attached and executing the XIV system software to provide a scalable, high-performance storage solution.

IBM Spectrum Accelerate is the XIV software that can be installed on Virtual Machines. Accelerate is expected to be used in private and public cloud deployments with commodity servers and storage. All XIV software features are included in Accelerate.

The XIV Storage System uses nodes of Intel-based server boards and captive disk storage with Ethernet switching for interconnect to provide a grid-based storage system. The nodes are identical from storage and processing capability but some nodes may have additional host bus adapters installed providing the external interfaces for attachment to a SAN or direct to servers.


IBM XIV Product Brief includes:

  • Introduction
  • Product highlights
  • Usage and characteristics
  • Potential
  • Link to Vendor Site for specifications
  • Selected detailed system specifications from the SAN High End Matrix
  • Graphics and slides used in our Advanced Storage Education class
  • Strength and potential concerns

For deep dive product information in IBM XIV, see the Product Analysis.