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IBM DS3500 / DCS3700 Storage Systems – Product Brief

Full Summary:

The IBM DS3500 Express storage system is an entry level storage system from IBM.  The DS3500 offering is targeted for usage with System  x,  BladeCenter,  and  Power  systems.    The  DS3500  is capable of scaling to mid-range capacity and performance but is targeted at entry level pricing.  The IBM DCS3700 Express storage system  is  a mid-tier storage  system  from  IBM.    The  DCS3700 offering is targeted for usage with System x, BladeCenter,  and Power  systems.     An  enhanced  version  is  offered  called  the DCS3700+  that  can  have   more  cache,  interfaces,  and  disks installed.   The DCS3700 can scale from a single module 60 drive system to 180 disks (360 for DCS3700+).  The DCS3700 is the turbo model of the DS3500 in the 60 drive package sourced from NetApp Engenio.

The  IBM  DS3500  and  DCS3700  storage  systems  support  multiple  interfaces  with  pluggable modules for host interface connections including 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel, 6Gb/s SAS and 1Gb/s and 10 Gb/s Ethernet.   The IBM systems consist of two controllers with pluggable Host Interface Cards (HIC). Each controller supports one 6 Gb/s disk drive expansion port. The controllers have dual RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connectors and serial management and configuration ports. All Fibre Channel ports are small form factor plugs (SFPs) connector interfaces. The battery for data and cache protection uses a long life (lithium Ion) battery. The controller enclosure has customer replaceable units (CRUs) that consist of two controllers and two power/cooling modules (rear).

Storage expansion enclosures attach to the controller enclosure.

 Product Brief for IBM DS3500/DCS3700 includes:

  • Product highlights
  • Usage and characteristics
  • Technical specifications
  • Overview of advance features and architecture
  • Strength and weaknesses

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