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Hitachi Data Systems Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) – Product Brief

Full Summary:

The HDS Virtual Storage Platform represents a significant upgrade to Hitachi’s virtualized storage architecture. Changes over the earlier USP product in this release are internal processors and the Hitachi Universal Star Network has been replaced by the Hitachi Hierarchical Star Network. Control processors and other components have been upgraded as well. The marketing theme of scale up, scale-out, scale deep embodies the ability of this platform to scale vertically (greater capacities managed by each virtual domain), horizontally (multiple virtual storage domains), and deeply (more third party arrays with greater capacity virtualized behind the VSP controller). Previous generation USP V software-based features and functionality are supported on the VSP.

Details include:

  • Product highlights
  • Usage and characteristics
  • Technical specifications
  • Overview of advance features and architecture
  • Strength and weaknesses

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