Comparison Matrices

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Recommended Starter Documents

Midrange NAS Comparison Matrix

Last updated August 24th with HP 3PAR 8000 StoreServ. Midrange NAS Comparison Matrix compares features and functions for midrange NAS vendors/products.

NAS High End Comparison Matrix

Last updated June 1 with HP announcements. High-End NAS Comparison Matrix compares features and functions for vendors and their products in high end NAS space.

Hyper-Converged Systems Comparison Matrix

Updated September 22, 2015 with new products or product changes to Dell, HP, Maxta, Nutanix, SuperMicro, Scale Computing and SimpliVity. Side-by-side comparison of products in the Hyper-Converged Systems space, including: Atlantis HyperScale, Dell XC, HP CS 250-HC, Maxta MaxDeploy, Nutanix NX Series, Scale Computing, Simplivity and six products that leverage VMware’s EVO:RAIL platform.

Solid State Comparison Matrix (Adapted Designs)

Last updated August 24 with addition of HP All Flash. Covers products adapted to solid state from disk-based systems. Side-by-side comparison chart of similar products.

Entry Level NAS Comparison Matrix

Updated August 25, 2015. Detailed side by side comparison of entry-level products in the NAS space.

SAN High-End Comparison Matrix

Updated August 24th with new HP model. Side by side comparison of like products in the High End SAN space.

Entry-Level SAN Comparison Matrix – Free Download

Updated August 25, 2015 with release of VNXe 1600. Offers a side-by-side review of SAN Storage products. Covers hardware, scalability, configuration & performance data.

Archive Software Comparison Matrix

Last updated July 30 with additional information on Veritas Enterprise Vault. Compares vendors including: Arkivio, ASG, BridgeHead, CommVault, EMC, IBM, Quantum, SGI, and Symantec

Archive Systems Comparison Matrix

Updated April 21 with new information for Crossroads StrongBox. Compares vendors including: Caringo, EMC, Crossroads, HP, Hitachi Data Systems, NEC, NetApp, and Imation Nexsan.

Object Storage Comparison Matrix

Last updated June 30 with the latest release information for DDN WOS. Detailed comparison of Object Storage feature functionality between vendor products.

Virtual SAN Comparison Matrix

Updated August, 28 2015 with corrections. Side-by-side of major vendors and products within the virtual SAN space