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TechTarget: Nimbus says storage benchmark backs claim of under $40 per VDI desktop

…Nimbus used the IOmark-VDI storage benchmark that the Evaluator Group created in 2011 to measure performance using real workloads. The purpose of the benchmark is to help IT users accurately assess storage performance for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. <Russ> … Continued

IOmark-VDI, a Storage Workload Specific Benchmark for VDI, Announces Results for Brocade’s 16Gb Fibre Channel Infrastructure and Nimbus Data’s Gemini Storage System

Nimbus demonstrates price performance of 4,032 VDI’s at an average cost of $39.68 per VDI running in a Brocade fibre channel environment.  IOmark announces Nimbus Data benchmark results of the IOmark-VDI storage benchmark attaining 4,032 VDI’s for an average cost … Continued

Object Storage Launch Press Release

Evaluator Group Broadens Research to Cover the Growing Market of Object Storage Segment features review of Object Storage offerings from the top 10 Object Storage Vendors and provides an in-depth look into what object storage is and why it is … Continued

Evaluator Group Announces IOmark Suite for VM, a Storage Workload Application Specific Benchmark for Virtual machine Infrastructure

IOmark-VM measures audited, repeatable price / performance for VMware ESX environments.   Evaluator Group Inc. announces the IOmark Suite for VM, designed to measure and predict real VM workload storage performance.   IOmark-VM is the second in a series of workload … Continued

Evaluator Group and IOmark Announce Publicly Available Results for Dot Hill

AssuredSAN Pro 5000 demonstrates 240 Virtualized Applications running the standard IOmark-VM workload set with a price of $509.42 per virtual application.   Evaluator Group and IOmark announces Dot Hill Systems Corp (Nasdaq:HILL) results of the IOmark-VM storage benchmark supporting 240 … Continued

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